carvings include Vermont - precision cut and
hand finished in hard sugar maple 

 Vermont with green finish natural maple Vermont Vermont with autumn colors      

summer green carved wood model           natural sugar maple 3D terrain model           early autumn foliage wood carving             


The terrain data is from USGS surveys,  exaggerated to enhance the clarity of the mountains and valleys.  
Carving is by computerized router, which makes thousands of near-parallel cuts over the surface.
We now show about thirty lakes and various major highways,  so that it's easier for you to find your way around.
 Our standard carving  is about 11" by 20" x 1.2", small enough to be handled easily
 but large enough to present a tremendous amount of detail to your eyes and fingers.
 Each model is unique - with its own wood character,  hand numbered and signed in sequence of production.

These models are available by calling Norm at (802) 728-7098   
The cost is $425, when picked up in Braintree, Vt by appointment.  

Clear finish models and blemished models are available at lower cost.
Boxing and shipping would add $20 to Vermont addresses, with more distant delivery increased according to our cost

Here are new examples, available in various woods and finishes:   

 two blossom bowls in maple  maple ciock  oval server in maple  

        blossom bowls in maple: 11" dia for $125                                    blossom clock in maple: 12" dia. for  $125                               oval serving  bowl 16" x 11" in figured sugar maple: $175.00

We have bowls and clocks available in soft maple, hard maple, and walnut.
Inventory varies. Please call, email, or drop by to see and feel the woods and finishes available.  

company history and mission: is a new wood carving venture of Landfoam North - a  company
which has provided custom 3d physical the construction industry for over 35 years.

Landfoam started out with uniquely effective methods for carving plastic foam
by manually-guided overhead router.  Over the last ten years, Landfoam has implemented
new computerized methods to carve landscapes more accurately and more precisely.

Now is applying matured methods
to an expanding set of materials and projects - with the addition of 
a special artistic touch.whenever it is appropriate.

The primary goal remains unchanged - to provide a quality product with customer satisfaction.  
Although we have developed a special preference for hard sugar maple,
we also work in other hardwoods and fine materials.
 The Vermont model shown above is our first "series" product.
We'd like to carve your unique artistic shape - for a sign, gift sculpture, or for special furniture.    

Please call Norm Kinzie at (802) 728-7098 or email
link to parent company:
specializing in topographic models


for models of other states - currently limited to New Hampshire

New Hampshire in maple

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interesting background on terrain models of all sorts